TRG/GOM is recognized as one of the leading firms in Los Angeles engaged in the representation of clients with business before municipal, regional, and state governments. Elected officials and their staff, as well as senior civil servants, know and respect our team members as forthright, effective advocates. By analyzing the delicate decisions, which define success in government relations, TRG/GOM constructs an effective program tailored to each client’s specific project needs.


Greater Los Angeles provides developers and property owners with opportunities, which are more expansive than in virtually any other market in the United States. As a vast community, which is constantly growing and re-defining itself, Southern California offers remarkable residential, commercial, and industrial development potential.


Within any given jurisdiction, projects succeed only when the developer has secured viable entitlements including zone changes, specific plan amendments, coastal permits, conditional use permits, zone variances, hardship exemptions, density bonuses, and permits. With over 100 years of planning and entitlement processing experience, the staff and associates at TRG/GOM are masters at negotiating the maze of requirements with an eye to the overall effect in terms of cost and time for a client’s development project.


TRG/GOM coordinates every aspect of development management, guiding each project to the proper agency, managing all essential applications, coordinating packaging and presentation for public hearings, tracking and coordinating appeals, and consulting with any involved parties. Each critical technical component is combined with TRG/GOM’s complete political and community understanding, resulting in the most comprehensive strategy available.


Our firm, staff, and associates have more than 100 years of diverse development entitlement experience. The unique skills and experience of our team are adroitly applied to every aspect of the client’s needs during the land use permitting and development implementation process. As a result, we provide every client with a rich blend of technical knowledge, political acumen, and community insight to meet our clients timeline and budget requirements.

TRG/GOM recognizes that success in government liaison lies with the ability to identify political advantages and disadvantages, and to communicate effectively with elected officials to negotiate these complex avenues of power. The layers of commissions, committees, and regulatory agencies, which implement government policy, can be the most vital link to attaining success. Our firm is comprised of associates including previous government officials and experienced planners who understand the internal ways and means of attaining this success. Our staff attends to every detail of the government process at every level to ensure that each step is taken skillfully and judiciously.


California is a truly global state offering unparalleled opportunities for growth and prosperity. Corporate and business executives from throughout the United States and around the world recognize this enormous potential. These players also recognize that the path to the prosperity is extraordinarily exacting. The region is governed by a complex array of political entities, which reflect the astonishing ethnic diversity of the region, and require meticulous attention to both administrative and political realities. TRG/GOM judiciously uses a fully matured network of personal relationships, which offer unrivaled access to government leadership in California.


Any campaign directed at elected officials and government agencies must include an effective community relation’s component. The construction of community consensus lies at the heart of any successful endeavor.

In the critical and sensitive area of comprehensive planning and community relations, TRG is unrivaled. The firm’s services include strategic and tactical planning, survey and focus groups, public meeting coordination and representation, and extensive, thorough communication. Solid community relations programs serve the client in several vital ways:

• To establish a communication bridge among constituents, which enables the client to advocate reasonable positions and to consider community input

• To foster trust, understanding, and support for the client, which elected officials and senior bureaucrats respect and heed

• To develop demonstrable community support before public decision making boards through letter writing and speakers

• To work closely with elected officials and representatives to keep them informed to gain necessary support for the client’s project.